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Franklin Method

with Shannon Murphy


Franklin Method - Bio

Shannon Murphy has been a level 3 certified Franklin Method Educator since 2011 and is now a Senior Faculty at Franklin Methode Institute®. She has mentored and taught Franklin Method Teacher Training levels 1-3 in the U.S. and London. In the summer of 2017, She created the Art and Science of the Plié Dance Teacher Module. She was the first to implement this 45-hour certificate study into the curriculum at the University of the Arts in the fall of 2020. 

Shannon is an Assistant Professor at Temple University (Theater), was an adjunct professor at Drexel University, and assistant director of the Drexel Dance Ensemble, Stockton University, and UArts, where she was the Curricular Head of Body Pathways for 10 years. As an educator, she is committed to radical sustainability and develops curricula to reduce injury and support healing for performers.

Franklin Method is also a resource for her creative practice. As you can see throughout this website, bio-memisis is used as a practice of becoming. Systems of vitality within the body are imagined as metaphors for creating awareness of self and connection to others.

What is Franklin Method

Franklin Method uses dynamic neurocognitive imagery ®, anatomical embodiment and a movement practices to increase our awareness and activate change in our body-mind.

  • Focus is on emboldening participants to notice the changes in their bodies by increasing their presence, fine tuning their physical goals, and learning to verbally articulate their experiences.

  • Participants can re-pattern their movement increasing efficiency as through embodying our functional design with allows for a dissolving of habits and acknowledgment of new sensations and awarenesses. In

  • Franklin Method we understand Physical Embodiment to be a multi sensory, multi perceptive approach to uniting the mind and body in an understanding of the body systems and their parts (eg, the femur bone as part of the skeletal system), their function in body mechanics and how, this combined with our mental facilities, manifests to create who we are, how we move and how we function in the world. (visit​

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Private Sessions

Private lessons are a great way to fine-tune your movement, prevent injury, enhance your training and deepen your restorative practices. 

Sessions are structured like a conversation, between you and your body. I provide you with information and insights for you to make new discoveries about the function and quality of your movement. Enhancing your bodies ability to make changes, we apply your new found knowledge to your everyday movement. Whether it is increasing your technique, changing how you feel while you work at your computer, or simply to feel better while you are walking around, Franklin Method Privates are a wonderful way to combine your brain and body and find your full movement potential!



Shannon is available to teach workshops to groups of people. Popular topics include The Art of the Plié, Pelvic Power, Fascia of the lower back, Fabulous Feet, Breathing for Life. Workshops can be created to meet you and your groups needs. Work with the Franklin Method balls and bands is recommended.

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The Art & Science of the Plié at UArts Philadelphia with Shannon Murphy

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