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like a portal into the multiple directions

dance has taken me

next to so many people

in performance and collaboration

processually learning and sharing

as a witness and guide 

changing me

my body, my desires 

softening me 

my curiosity, my rigor 

teaching me

how to see another 

how I might want to be seen

to offer ways to feel possibilities

to find yet another way to communicate 

at the intersection of myself and an other

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"... an exploration of a sassy, messy femininity larger and more complex than societal expectations"
- Julius Ferraro, Phindie

Dark Moon
Dark Moon
Drift and Multiplicity of Me
Hot Air
Feet Amass and City Bird Sings the Car Alarm
Parade of Traces and Glia
...and so we are singing and Blast vs Blaze
Kids Like Us and Binding Sun
Broken Umbrella and R.A.T.S.
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For more information on idiosynCrazy productions

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Plastic City
Private Places
Flatland 2010
Dreaming salon
Dancing for Justice
idiosynCrazy Vlog project
We Just Got' Buck and Privatizing and Publicizing Gender
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I have always wanted to share what I am doing. Not because I wanted others to do what I was doing… okay wait, maybe that isn’t totally true… I definitely don’t like being alone. I love troubleshooting with other people. So no, teaching wasn’t about getting others to be like me, but rather to be with me. Any time I learned something in dance class I would share it with my friends on the playground. I started assistant teaching in my little sister's classes to help with tuition when I was young, and I can’t remember a time in which I didn’t have a class to teach since. The passing it on, remixing, and redistributing, it is so necessary for me to feel connected to others and for me to learn myself. Teaching is a reflexive space where I discover meaning while moving. It is in the space of simply trying, noticing, and sharing that I understand the depth of connection that satiates my desire to feel with others. My students are always teaching me. They ask me questions verbally, but also through their movement. When I notice something not going as well as it could, it sparks a fire of curiosity that I research myself though anatomical function and play that generates movement phrases as a possibility for sharing the research. By the time I share it with my class, my curiosity has exponentially multiplied - and now our questions are in the room for us to investigate together. I like to hear from them how they play, what they are prioritizing, how they are making sense or nonsense of it all. 

A few years ago while teaching Studio Practice at University of the Arts a students asked me what I ate for breakfast in the middle of class. I answered honestly, “a granola bar and an apple… why?” Digressing, that wasn’t the real question, but rather he was trying to figure out how I was so energetic, so seemingly happy. I had never been asked this question by a student before and I felt the answer flow out of me. 

Well this is sort of my best case scenario. Here we are in this beautiful room, with John Levis playing the most beautiful music that conjures imagery and qualities expanding each dance we do. I am surrounded by all of you who are here to dance, flying through this room together, feeding off of each others energy. I am seeing you shift and refine in ways that amaze me and challenge me to find different ways to challenge you. How could I not be completely excited right now?

Teaching is joy 

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“You get better at what you practice, including your thoughts, images, and emotions.”

Eric Franklin

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Boris Charmatz
Jaamil Kosoko
Jaamil Kosoko
SCRAP performance group
Group Motion
Nichole Canuso and Pittsburgh Opera
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Gut Tube Series

displays of shared interiors


Dancing with the Artifacts of Pain

Professor: Thomas F. DeFrantz
Course: Fields, Forces, Relations: Dancing’s Possibilities
January 9, 2019


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Programs, Postcards and Other Materials

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