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Home in the Dark

Light falls on sparkling entrails. Insides exposed. We were here before or maybe the feeling of home, love, ecstasy seeps through porous walls. It’s a constantly reforming display of portraits, collage, poetry, dance and music that reveals all that has been found and all that has been left behind.


Dark Moon

Collective Peristalsis



Originally created as a hand-bound book, this generative archive holds our ideas, practices and reflections.

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Dark Moon Collaborators

meet the collective

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Gut Tube Series

Digitally created works from rehearsal photographs


Sites of Digestion

These first 12 collages were created as a part of my Research as Action in Montpellier, France to show how my dance practice proposes a way to be in and reflect on places. My home, studios we work in, Old Kensington, Philadelphia, and Paris, France, are mixed with rehearsal photographs.

How does a gut tube practice teach me how to move in spaces and places?

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It Starts with Your Mouth, and other small treasures

Here you will find digital versions of small handmade books developed from our collaborative practices and my research of locating the poetics of the digestive tract.



  • Precis

  • Images of my archival box

  • Excerpt of Research as Action

"Dark Moon allowed me space to consider a great many things-dance as spectatorship, themes of pack mentality and societal rules, and the politics of having engaged bodies in space."


Their easeful, exploring bodies occupy a somatic space upon which the party music forms a light tension. I watch their pelvises shift and gyrate, thinking of the intestines beneath.

Maddie Hopfield, thINKing DANCE

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