Class Schedule

Fall 2020

You will receive a link about 10 min prior to the class. Please check your email for a confirmation and additional information.

Franklin Method Moves

Thursdays 5:00-6:00 pm (Eastern Time)

$10 or $15 for the house! 

What to expect:

This digital class can be located at the crossroads between meditation, science class, and dance party! 

Franklin Method is a somatic practice that uses imagery, movement, and functional anatomy to increase your awareness and sensation in movement and improve how your body feels while moving. 

This hour-long class focuses on a different area of the body each week. This is an open level class and does not require any previous experience with Franklin Method or dance. We will investigate movement and sensation and explore quiet as well as ecstatic moments. Participants should have enough space to reach their body out into an "X" safely. Guided rest and meditation can be done both lying down or sitting in a chair. 


Let's Keep Dancing

Stay at Home Dance Practices

While my weekly classes are canceled until further notice, my partner and I are creating a video library for you to dance at home!

This is a playlist of my shared practice videos. I'm making these as a way to keep us dancing and moving in this time of isolation. I already miss the studio and I am sure many of us feel the same way.

Give them a try!

For those of us out of work, please enjoy and know that I believe in sharing resources as a way to generate (alternative) economic growth. For those folks who continue to have an income, please consider making a donation. Money made here will go towards supporting collaborators... dance to support dancers.

Venmo: @shannon-MURPHY-136


Body Globes

Guided Improvisation

A gentle guided dance improvisation led by Shannon Murphy with live accompaniment by Steve Surgalski. Using imagery of globes, this movement meditation explores weight and weightlessness and the differentiation between feeling weight in the head, rib cage and pelvis. This shared practice can be used as a restorative movement investigation, or a gentle way to prepare oneself for more movement.

Falling Into Surface

Guided Improvisation

This guided movement improvisation explores the balancing of forces through sensitizing surface area. The practice moves from the floor to standing. It does not require much room to move. The practice is developed by Shannon Murphy and accompanied by Steve Surgalksi.

Finding Movement in Stillness

Guided Improvisation

This is a guided movement improvisation exploring the feeling of comfort and ease in stillness and in movement. For me, it untangles the feeling of restlessness I’ve been experiencing and welcomes the feeling of pleasure into those constantly shifting adjustments. This practice is accompanied by Steve Surgalski on keyboard.


Horizontal Domes

Guided Improvisation

This dance improvisation guides an imaginative exploration of horizontal domes in the body and their relationship in movement. Dance initiated from the diaphragm, pelvic floor, and roof of the mouth allow for playful curves and spirals as well a dynamic balance. The practice is accompanied by Steve Surgalski.

Refresh and Open the Eyes and Chest

Somatic Exploration

Gently widening the frame of vision into the periphery and integrating the eyes into spinal extension, this restorative movement practice releases tension from the head, neck, shoulders, and spine.


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