Daily classes:
$12 artists/$15 general
All classes for $120 (breaks down to $10 per class)
Single day pass $25 (morning and afternoon only)

Sat and Sun evening workshops:
$25 one day / $40 for both


Payment - cash or via paypal or venmo

All proceeds go to supporting our May show.


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Rear Entrance, 1813 S 11th St, Philadelphia, PA 19148

This drop in class puts into practice the most foundational aspect of Franklin Method: Art of Change. It proposes ways for movers of any skill level or genera to find themselves at the center of small changes that lead to better balance, strength and flexibility as well as an increased sense of dynamic alignment. The class is organized for each participant to notice where they are and apply imagery to their movement as a way to investigate nuanced changes in sensation and effort.  We will learn topographical anatomy and acknowledge ourselves as a tensile dynamic structure and apply it to movement. How will this allow us to refine and enhance our foundation? We often use Franklin Balls and Bands to release tension and train with increased sensation.

*If you have Franklin Balls, please bring them with you. If not, you can borrow or buy them in class. Balls are $25, band is $15

Franklin Method
Saturday, Jan 4 through Thursday, Jan 9
10-12 pm

This dance class is a place for bold curiosity of our selves in motion. Including activities ranging from proprioceptive warm-ups to sequentially inverted phrases, Shannon prepares this class with the needs of a professional dancer in mind. She prioritizes sensation as a way to research quality, function, and form and offers suggestions that can lead to deep investigation inside of improvisational and guided phrase work. She believes in training for a responsive body to support the dynamics of falling off of vertical, redirection. and complex coordination practices.  As a Franklin Method educator, she has been researching how to use imagery and functional anatomy as tools to invite participants to immerse themselves in inter-personal investigations in class - deepening one’s experience of self as a way to dance with others. This class is proposing a dance practice that brings pleasure into play; a serious sort of play that requires acute attention to the sensation of the dances that we do. 

Dance, Engaging Sensation 
Saturday, Jan 4 through Thursday, Jan 9
12:30-2:30 pm

For many years now my research has been looking at the pedagogical applications of biomimetics, most specifically the alimentary canal, aka gut tube, as an example for collaborative practices. Collaboration between the organs, bacteria, and glands of the digestive tract demonstrates a collective choreography; one that moves us to provide nutrition and sustenance. Together we will prioritize improvisation and share our interests and reflections on what an enterically lead movement practice reveals to us. Expect a rigorous questioning both physical and imaginative, meditation and improvisational movement, and snacks. 

Studying the Gut Tube in collective practice
Saturday, Jan 4 and Sunday, Jan 5th