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Systems of Vitality

A month long creative movement intensive with Shannon Murphy, William Robinson, and Sara Yassky

Join us for 4 weeks of collective and collaborative body-based explorations in the practice of noticing, sensing, moving, and becoming. 

Research and exploration are organized through practices instigated by breath, heart and blood, nervous and digestive systems. The format is virtual and includes 2, 2.5 hour workshops per week, 2 hours of collective and individual generative movement practices, group discussions on listening, and reading materials. Although we ask that folks try to attend via zoom live, all workshops will be recorded and shared with participants for 6 weeks. 

Workshops are Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6-8:30 pm EST 

Weekly Practice Prompts will be given each week. Practices can be done in person or virtual depending on location and comfort. Small groups will be determined and participants are expected to explore together 1-2 hours per week.

Systems Include

  • Heartbeat - rhythms, and responses

  • Breathing - exchange

  • Nervous System - engagement and connection

  • Digestion-  transformation

Each week we will focus on a different system of vitality in the collective and politicized body, offering proposals and inquiries of how these systems can support the possibilities of moving in complex and dynamic relationships to ourselves and others. We will explore our interiors, the interstice between one another, and the ecologies that shape us.

This workshop is for dancers, movers, artists, and any sensate bodies interested in exploring movement and being from the inside out. There are two ways to participate, join the workshop in its entirty or drop into weekly Monday evening workshops.

Stay tuned for more details and be in touch with your interests!

Ways to Participate:

Track A: Participants sign up for the whole thing! Includes:​​

  • Session one: Monday 6–8:30 pm

  • Session two (just for Track A folks) Wednesday 6–8:30 pm

  • Practice groups 1-2 hrs per week

  • Podcasts and PDFs as weekly resource materials 

  • Final wrap up (Time and Date TBA)


  • Pay It Forward (This structure is 15% more than the cost of the tuition. Consider this payment if you are financially stable and can contribute financially towards another student who is not) $368

  • Full tuition - $320

  • Supported tuition: please email, and we will work with you.

Track B: Drop into Monday evening workshops

Payment: ​ $35 

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