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Sites of Digestion

Collages Mixing Practice and Place

How does a gut tube practice teach me how to move in spaces and places?

These first 12 collages were created as a part of my Research as Action in Montpellier, France to show how my dance practice proposes a way to be in and reflect on places. Made from sketches and photographs of rehearsal mixed with places including my home, neighborhood, studios, streets, and gardens that I visited while working on Dark Moon. 

12 collages.jpg
12 collages5.jpg
12 collages4.jpg
12 collages3.jpg
12 collages11.jpg
12 collages9.jpg
12 collages12.jpg
12 collages10.jpg
12 collages7.jpg
12 collages2.jpg
12 collages6.jpg
12 collages8.jpg
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