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The Efforts of Moving Through Together: A Zine

Content contributions by Danielle Currica, Patricia 

Dominguez, Beau Hancock, Marisa Illingworth, Shannon 

Murphy, Megan Quinn, William Robinson, Steve Surgalski, 

Michele Tantoco and Sara Yassky. 

Zine created and curated by Shannon Murphy

The Efforts of Moving Through Together is a 6 issue zine that explores the digestive tract as a model for collaboration and care. Reflections from a group of 10 collaborators expand out into proposals for activating connection through our guts.  This zine is a reformation of our practices that allows for us to share what we have learned, noticed, and questioned by exploring the gut tube.

Our practices connect deep listening, enteric intuition, affirmation of pleasure and desire, sustaining life affirming care, and tensile support structures as modes for connecting to one another. Starting in 2016 we met in the studio dancing but since March we, like everyone else, shifted to online. It was clear that what we have learned from our dance practices prepared us with the sensitivity and responsivity we need to support each other, our neighbors and the communities in which we interact. 

Many times in the studio we would say how much we wanted other folks to feel what we felt from practicing. A little part of me has been sitting with what this could mean to me for a while.. and although I don’t have the answers, I do have some proposals; ways that we can see what happens when we translocate what we have found inside the gut tube to the pages of this zine for you to interact with.

So here is the breakdown:

The Efforts of Moving Through Together Volume 1

Issue 1 Small Intestines 

Issue 2 Mouth and Esophagus

Issue 3 Colon

Issue 4 Rectum and Anus

Issue 5 Stomach

Issue 6 Appendix

As you can see the issues of the zine do not come in order, but as you collect all 6 you can put your gut tube together. At the end you can also order a specialized box with materials to create a home for Volume 1. The Zine has multiple ways in which you can interact. Throughout the pages you’ll find QR codes that lead to audio tracks, blogs, and videos and images that help expand the world of the gut tube. Next year, after the completion of the 6 issues, you can find the gut tube as a digital zine on

  • Let’s get you a zine!

  • Single Issue - $15 

  • Pre-order of all six zines - $75

  • Pre-order zines, Dark Moon Album and collectors box - $100 (Includes All six zines, digital download of the Dark Moon Album/original works by Steve Surgalski and collaborators, and a special collectors box for Volume 1)

Zine Order Options

Available Now


Zine & Dark Moon Album

$100 - 6 zines, Digital Dark Moon Album, and a special collectors container distributed throughout 2021


The Efforts of Moving Through Together

$75 - 6 issues distributed throughout 2021

guts light blue.jpg

Issue 1: Small Intestines

$15 - Available in February

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Issue 2: Mouth and Esophagus

$15 - Available in April

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Preorders for all 6 issues of  Volume 1: The Efforts of Moving Through Together are available while supplies last. 

Issues 1 and 2 are on sale now.

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