This work has been made possible by a residency at the Whole Shebang

Drift is a quartet born from the research of Dark Moon

Conceptualized and directed by Shannon Murphy

Performed by Patricia Dominguez, Marisa Illingworth, Shannon Murphy, and  Megan Quinn

Original live composition by Steve Surgalski 


Drift questions what it feels like to come back to one another... again. This dance work is interested in making visible the labor of connection, disconnection, and reconnection. Exploring ways that physical structures emerge, four women construct a range of interactions from tender and intimate to ecstatic and sweaty. Here construction is not intended to limit and contain, but to mobilize one another. Drift performs practices developed to support the constantly shifting physical and imaginative realities of the performers and exposes the instability of interaction. 

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HOT AIR (version two)

Choreographed by Shannon Murphy

Performed by Patricia Dominguez, Marisa Illingworth, and Megan Quinn, Meredith Stapleton

Costumes by Shannon Murphy

Sounds created by the dancers.


Hot Air is an exploration of emotional manifestation of anger created by pairing visceral embodiment with images and expressions of power and destruction. A practice of unearthing both rage and desire in performance, we move through the ghosts of ourselves, the leftover trauma and ancestral relationship to causing violence in the world, as well as the reclaiming of our ferocity.

HOT AIR (version one)

Choreographed by Shannon Murphy

Performed by Leanne Greiger, Marisa Illingworth, and Meredith Stapleton

Costumes by Shannon Murphy

Sounds created by the dancers.


Hot Air combines diaphramatic embodiments with power and bigness. We've been reseaching the steriotypes and history of the white cis-gendered female and are questioning what bodies are assumed to be safe and how those expectation can be denied.


Choreographed by Shannon Murphy

Performed by Ann-Marie Gover, Shannon Murphy, Megan Quinn, William Robinson, Michele Tantoco

A special thanks to Danielle Currica who performed in the first iteration of this work.

Original score created by Steve Surgalski

Costumes by Shannon Murphy


Feet Amass is a cosmic cluster both chaotic and magnetic. I’m curious about the intersections of bodies in assembly, the electric emotional charge of humans gathering, even if only for a fleeting moment. In this dance I’m manifesting that charge within us (the performers) through sound and sensation. The swells in physicality play with the negotiation between consumption, and depletion; we feed off of and offer up. In this world the gathering of our feet is not law but something deeper, maybe instinctual.

Photo's by Bicking Photography


Directed improvisation by Shannon Murphy

Interpretation and performance by Danielle Currica, Shannon Murphy and Michele Tantoco

Costumes by Shannon Murphy


About: Sometimes I feel radical compassion when I participate in Multiplicity of Me, while other times it pushes against my need to feel authentically me. In this work, I want to see what happens when we deny ourselves the sanctity of our own history, memories, and desires. I want to know what happens if we believe we are just... alike. Our multi-autobiographical narrations transform our moods, imaginations, and movements. Each time we perform this work a new self is created. We assimilate to the lies, feel the pull away from what we know to be true, and give way to the new self, ourself.


Photo's by Bicking Photography

Watch a Video of Multiplicity of Me


This work was made in part by support from a FringeArts Lab Fellowship 2013-14

Performed by William Robinson and Michele Tantoco

Original sound created by Steve Surgalski and Sun Glitters

Costume design by Shannon Murphy

About: Even the whispers get left behind.  This dance is a poem about what we remember and what gets left behind or forgotten, The idea for this dance came about while sorting my grandmothers things after she passed away. In her bedroom where I could still feel her presence after she was gone, were all of her earrings, her favorite cd's and pictures of her and her loved ones throughout the years. I wanted to explore being in a mentally imaginative space of memory and fantasy while performing. 

Photo's by Kelsey Halliday Johnson


Creation and performance by Shannon Murphy

Music: Annie Lennox

Costumes by Shannon Murphy

Making and performing this work challenges, provokes, and ruffles my feathers. It allows me to play inside of the embodiments I love to create while investigating character. In rehearsal and on stage, I can hear whispers from my jazz dance past. It is always lurking in the shadows waiting for the lights to hit it's sequined omission. I've borrowed some information from the Northern Mocking Bird that used to call my name outside of my house mimicking my mothers voice. I am inspired by flamboyance and elegance and am motivated by fantastic realities. 

Photo's by JJTiziou