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Be a supporter of Shannon Murphy Dance and get all of our goods!


You'll recieve all 6 Issues  of The Efforts of Moving Through Together distributed bi-monthly throughout 2021, a digital download of the Dark Moon Album/original works by Steve Surgalski and collaborators, as well as special collectors box.

Zines, Dark Moon Album, and Collectors Box

  • Folx in Philly can pick up zines at Dancewear on Broad or have them delivered via messenger. 

    Folx outside the city will receive their zine via US Post 

    If you choose the whole kit and caboodle, please know that there is a shipping charge of $5.99 for the collectors box to arrive through the U.S. post safely. There is no additional charge if you choose to pick up or have in Philly messenger delivery!

    Please specify below.

    Pick-up Location
    1129 S. Broad St
    Philadelphia, PA 19147


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