Dreaming Salon: Imagining an Economy pt 1 

Date: 1/9/2017
Location: The Painted Bride Art Center
Curation and facilitation: Shannon Murphy and Jumatatu Poe of idiosynCrazy productions
Panelists: Melanie Cotton, Shaily Dadiala, Anthony Romero, Anna Rubio
Amy Smith, Alice Vidich, and Raphael Xavier

The Salon featured brief presentations on the economies that our panelists created for themselves. They had been asked to address personal and professional questions about how they create their artistic economies within larger economic systems. A sample of these questions are as follows:

  • How did you get momentum when you first started living and working independently (or, if you are not “independent,” what are some forces that currently prevent you from being so)?

  • What are the structures in place in your life that currently sustain you?

  • Have you felt good about your economic situation or the situations of others who you employ? If so, When?

  • Are there any significant financial burdens in your life?

  • Do you have particular professional advantages that have helped your career momentum?

This salon was our first live streamed event and grew from our practice of creating platforms for establishing, continuing, and furthering conversations about the ways that art is woven into our worlds, and embedded within the systems in which we operate. The salons began as formalized conversation groups that took place in our living rooms, around potluck meals; space and moments in time dedicated to thought and discussion. They provide energy around topics such as the social responsibility of the artist, honesty and deceit in the arts, and compensation practices in the field.