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Wednesdays 10-11:30 am

: January 16 - May 29, 2019

Shannon Murphy is a dance artist and Franklin Method educator who has worked alongside Eric Franklin for over 10 years. She uses imagery and functional anatomy as tools to invite participants to immerse themselves in the research of sensation. She believes in training for a responsive body to support one's own technique and uses falling off of vertical, redirection. and complex coordination practices to enhance responsivity.  Shannon's class uses strategies to train the mind and the body while dancing. Including activities ranging from proprioceptive warm-ups to sequentially inverted phrases, Shannon prepares this class with the needs of a professional dancer in mind. She prioritizes autonomy and self-care and offers suggestions that can lead to deep investigation inside of improvisational and guided phrase works. She is proposing a dance practice that brings pleasure into play; a serious sort of play that requires acute attention to how of the dances that we do. 

$12 artists + students/$15 general // $50 for a 5 class card  // $100 for a 10 class card (good for 6 months)




Weekly classes:

Dance, Engaging with Sensation

Conscious Conditioning.    2019 Coming Soon


Concious Conditioning.    2018

4-week session 

Tuesday’s May 8th - 29th from 6-8 pm


Drexel Pilates

3301 Market St Philadelphia, PA 19104


To register: Email with the subject line "Conscious Conditioning"


Join Shannon Murphy, master Franklin Method educator, for a four week long series that will shape up your approach to getting in shape! 


Whether you have taken a Franklin Method workshop in the past or not, everyone can benefit from both the detail and practice that these classes provide. Each class works with a few Franklin Method embodiments and then provides multiple ways to put it into practice. 


Each week we will learn imagery and functional embodiment methods that train for strength, stability, and mobility. This is a nuanced approach to conditioning that incorporates how we think and feel, acknowledging how our thoughts impact our physical health. Movers of all skill levels are welcome. If you are just starting a workout plan, this is a great way to understand your body better and connect more personally with your practice. For advanced movers; an opportunity to deepen your understanding of your practice and replace habitual patterns with more functional ones. We will learn how to release tension, enhance your movement, and prevent injury by embodying how we are designed to move. 


Drop into one session or get the most out of your conditioning practice by attending the whole 4-week series.


One class - $25

Series pass - $80

MVMNT<source>      2018

MVMNT <source>
A Dance and Franklin Method Intensive

Dates: Jan 2-5, 2018 (Tuesday-Friday)
All classes led by Shannon Murphy.

Daily Schedule: 

9:30-10 am - Check in 

10-11:30 am - Franklin Method for Dancers

pm - Contemporary dance practices11:45-2:00

*If you have Franklin Balls, please bring them with you. If not, you can borrow or buy them at the Painted Bride before class. 
This is a targeted practice to prepare and condition a dancing body using imagery and anatomical embodiment. 
Open to people of all movement levels. 
An advanced dance practice for folks interested in exploring functional and qualitative dynamics while imagining a three-dimensional body. The class includes improvised and phrased instruction as well as moments for collaboration and creative development. We will build from the embodiments practiced in the Franklin Method for Dancers class however, you are welcome to join without participating in the prior class. 

Wednesday, January 3rd
Franklin Method Moves 6-8 pm

Looking for a way to get your body feeling better? This Franklin Method Moves workshop is a great way to get your mind and body focused and feeling good. 
During the class, you will get to spend time focused on your self, dance together, and learn about your body using imagery training, movement exploration, and tools to relieve stress and tension that you can use anywhere. 

Thursday, January 4th
) 6-8:30 pm
Join Shannon and collaborators as they share a diaphragmatic breathing practice and their latest work. 
Since Shannon and the cast use this embodiment to develop and perform the work, they want you to get to experience it too! Through a Franklin Method embodiment practice, your breath will deepen, relieving stress and improving posture. Shannon is interested in how practicing healthy breathing effects both the dancers on stage and you, the audience. Light refreshments will be served after the showing where
you you will have the ability to chat with Shannon and her collaborators and share your own personal experiences. 

Horizontal Domes for Sequential Movement

This Franklin Method influeced workshop looks at the mobility that is created by initiating movement form the horizontal domes in the body. This technique uses both improvisational investigation and learned phrasework to research how to feel the dynasism created by the constant sequencing of the cranial dome, mouth, first rib, diaphragm, pelvic floor, tibial plataue, and soles of the feet.


This Workshop has been held at PARD, as a part of idioSomatics, University of the Arts, Temple University, and Pearl Art Studios